EMASS Introducing New Technology to Combat Drunk Driving and other Alcohol Related Issues
Local Service provider to offer First Continuous Alcohol-testing Bracelet in Eastern Missouri

Eastern Missouri Alternative Sentencing Services, Inc. (EMASS), of St. Charles, MO and Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc. (AMS) are joining forces to introduce a new alcohol testing system to monitor high-risk DWI offenders in the State of Missouri. Many are calling it the best tool in the fight against DWI, and other alcohol offenders to hit the market in more than a decade. Established in 1997, Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. manufactures the world's only non-invasive alcohol-detection system that automatically tests for alcohol every hour, 24 hours a day, regardless of the individual's location.

SCRAMx™ (the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor™) is the first alcohol testing technology to use transdermal analysis to determine an individual's Blood Alcohol Content. SCRAMx™ fully automates the alcohol testing and reporting process, providing community corrections agencies and treatment organizations nation wide with the ability to classify DUI offenders and assess compliance with sentencing requirements and treatment guidelines. Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. is designed specifically for applications in long-term alcohol monitoring programs where abstinence is required, SCRAMx™ (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), which includes a bracelet modem combination, like a home-arrest system. As with most monitoring programs, the offenders are often responsible for the cost of the SCRAMx™ system through a daily monitoring fee. Therefore, there is usually no cost to a court or specific county, unless as executed by agreement by the Court or specific entity.

The bracelet, worn around the clock, samples an individual's insensible perspiration in order to determine Blood Alcohol Concentration. According to Mike Iiams, chairman and CEO of AMS, this testing method gives courts an unprecedented level of assessment and accountability when dealing with DWI offenders. Unlike most drugs, alcohol metabolizes very quickly, so conventional alcohol testing programs are generally considered far less effective than drug testing when it comes to testing violators. "We needed to find a way to minimize the resources required for testing and supervision while maximizing accuracy and accountability. Testing someone 24 times a day, every day, no matter where they're at or what they're doing provides exactly that accountability."

More information about the (SCRAMx™) Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. can be found at or view the videos and slideshows below.

EMASS awarded AMS SCRAM™ 2009 Service Partner of the Year Award

President and Founder of EMASS, Michael L. Smith, presented with the 2009 Service Partner of the Year Award by AMS Chairman and CEO, Mike Iiams.

The 12th Judicial Circuit Diversion  Court Community Action Panel had another outstanding golf tournament.  The tournament corporate sponsors EMASS and AMS were there to highlight the capabilities of their product SCRAMx while entering  scramble teams of their own. The other sponsors were there in force as  well and the event turned out to be rewarding not only to the program  due to many individuals donating their winnings back, but to the golfers as well who enjoyed a beautiful day on the course. In collaboration  with our 501c3, EMASS and AMS have once again shown that they are part of our "Community Building A Community."

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The Power of X: Product (2010)
By integrating continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) with house arrest in one device, SCRAMx elevates alcohol offender management to a whole new level. The SCRAMx system is comprised of the SCRAMx bracelet, base  station, and SCRAMNET. (3:19)

The Power of X: Programs (2010)
SCRAMx can be  leveraged in a wide variety of program applications within the criminal justice system that have one common denominator the alcohol offender.  From pre-trial to community re-entry and everything in between, SCRAMx helps offenders abstain from alcohol and begin addressing the root cause of the problem their addiction to help effect long-term change. (2:40)

The Power of X: Services (2010)

The services component of SCRAMx is handled by AMS national network of Service Providers who create and manage SCRAMx programs for  courts, counties, and agencies at the local level. (2:46)

The SCRAMx™ System
This video explains the entire SCRAMx program and how it can be used as an effective alcohol monitoring and house arrest tool for judges, probation, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. (6:37)
The Hard Core Drunk Driver - A serious problem affecting every community (2:20)

SCRAMx Channel on YouTube
For more information regarding SCRAMx and to access a full listing of SCRAMx videos online, search on SCRAMx Channel or click here.

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